What Is The Best Child Gate For The Stairs?

There are variety and the types of the baby safety gates for stairs and therefore, you need to know that which of these are best and therefore, you must know certain factors about these which help you decide that which of these are the best one. One thing that you must know firstly is the right measurement for this gate. The height is usually 6 feet and around 8 inches and the width is commonly around 32 inches. Knowing these, you could find out the gate do you want and it is also important that you decide in advance that which type of the gate do you want.

Baby gates with banister:The common baby safety gates which are of high choice among the people are the one with the banister and you must know that all the banisters are not of same kind and therefore, it may not work very well on your staircase. But usually the hardware that comes with the baby safety gates for stairs are the one which help in deciding whether these will fit or not but one good thing about these is that if it does not fit well to your staircase then instead of changing the entire gate you could just change the hardware and could get the one which is suitable for your stair. This kind of baby safety gates for stairs comes with the button which is used for releasing the gate and it is easy to use.

Top Stairs baby gates:Another very good baby safety gates for stairs is the hardware gate which is from the EvenFlo and this is perfect for the stairs as well as the doors. The installation of this gate is very easy and these gates are extra tall and the common height of these gates is around 4 feet. There is mechanism of the unlocking and locking of the door and one good thing is that there is an indicator attached to the child safety gates for stairs and this is red and green the red indicator means that gate is locked and then the green means the gate is unlocked. It is very beneficial because many times the parents think that they have locked the door but actually they have not and then this results in the injury of the child even with the gate.

Retractable baby gate:Another very famous baby gates are the retractable child safety gate. These are the gates that you could easily move out from their place when the baby is not home or is asleep. Not only is this gate very elegant but is very much wide and it opens about around 50 inches.